Lose Fat. Build. Muscle. Eat Your Favourite Foods. Online Fitness Coaching.

Helping busy people reach sustainable, maintainable, permanent results.

online coaching

“I am gobsmacked at how easily I have been following my diet. I am still eating snacks, but now I buy low-calorie ice cream and fibre bars!”

online coaching

I offer online fitness coaching, to coach busy people to lose fat, build muscle, and feel healthier, and I deliver it all online.

You will still live a full and balanced life, and NOT have to sacrifice your favourite food or take much of your time.

I work with you to get you leaner, stronger, and healthier, with results that stick.

By my personalised coaching being delivered online, my service is accessible to you from anywhere at any time, all at the touch of your phone, computer, or tablet. I am there to answer questions and guide you along the way.

My service entails a full lifestyle package to support you with your:

  • Food and drink intake
  • Exercise
  • Your Lifestyle
  • And Adherence

I deliver my online fitness coaching to you through my software. You can access it through your phone, computer, or tablet.

I will be there any time you have a question, and you will check in with me at least once a week to make sure you stay on track to reaching your goals. And to provide guidance and ensure you don’t have any issues, plus to address lifestyle factors including stress, sleep, and activity levels outside of training.

The Don’t-“Diet” Diet Protocol

Don't Diet

Because my “diet” isn’t a diet at all. A “diet” is a temporary short term way of eating to force temporary unsustainable weight loss. My protocol implements an enjoyable way of eating for sustainable maintainable permanent results.

Online Fitness Coaching

I don’t do fad diets, and I don’t do extreme programs either.  Flexibility and tailoring programs to address your individual needs are key.  We want sustainable, maintainable, permanent results, not a quick fix solution.  People work with me knowing that they will be learning good habits, that they can eventually carry on to upkeep by themselves, without my help.

“I have been going to the gym for a while and was seeing minimal results. Dan’s programme has given me the tools I needed to structure my workouts and understand how to change my food consumption to see better results. The plan has helped me to establish good eating and exercise habits which has resulted in good fat loss and muscle mass gains.”

I know you’re busy!

You’re busy. You’ve got other commitments. You’ve got other hobbies and interests too. Basically, you have a life! And that’s great, and I want you to continue to have a life! I will be working with you, to help make exercise and healthy eating PART of your full and balanced life – but certainly not for it to take over ALL of your life! You don’t need the inconvenience of being in the gym and the kitchen for hours and hours each day! That’s not fun, and not necessary. We’ll have you reaching your goals through a realistic plan that fits in with your lifestyle. 

Online Coaching Services

Eating to lose body fat doesn’t have to be bland or boring. It doesn’t have to be expensive. And it doesn’t have to leave you hungry and suffering either! You will lose weight, while still eating the foods you like, and even incorporating some “junk food” too!

“The plan has already embedded life long changes. I know if I keep on at it I will get to my end goal. Thanks Dan.”

We don’t do crash diets!

We don’t like crash diets. They don’t work. Well actually they CAN work. Except you end up putting any weight you lose back on, and often gain even more weight than before! That is why through working with me, we will get you losing fat at a healthy and sustainable pace. We want your weight loss to be permanent! 

Online Coaching Services

Additionally, we don’t like cutting out food groups either. Unless you have some kind of allergy or medical condition, we see no need to deprive your body of essential nutrients! Flexibility and the option to personalise your diet is a big component in getting you to stick to your diet! This is why by working with me, we will get you losing weight while still eating the foods you like!

“The program is so easy to follow, all the guidelines, information and education you need are given to you in advance of the go live date so you can be fully prepared and hit the ground running! The hints, tips and support Dan gives along the way is brill and I love that you are full held accountable for your own success!”

Get results now!

Take a load off your mind and let a fitness professional get you real sustainable results now, in the simplest and most straight forward way possible!  Enquire about my online fitness coaching now.