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What I Do Down The Gym

I thought I would share with you what I usually do down the gym on a typical morning workout in this short video.

This is just a sample Power Rangers / boxing / Muay Thai / MMA workout of what I do down the gym when I’m training by myself (i.e. I don’t have anyone to pad or spar with).

I won’t claim to be some kind of MMA expert, I just enjoy training and it’s a great workout to keep me fit!

I won't claim to be some kind of MMA expert, I just enjoy training and it's a great workout to keep me fit!
The length of time spent training will vary depending on how long I have to train on a particular day.  Typically, what you see takes about 1.5 hours.

Workout Structure

The workout structure is pretty simple.  I start off with my standard dynamic warm up, which you can see HERE! This includes my shoulder mobility routine, followed by mobility exercises and dynamic stretches and movements.

Here is the mini resistance band I use for my shoulder warm up:

Next I usually put 1kg ankle weights on, and start my timer on my phone.  The timer is set to keep going continuously for 3 minute rounds with 30 seconds rest in between.  I will complete the following:

*Put ankle weights on*

2 x rounds of alternating side leg raises (to continue to warm up groin and hips ready for high kicks)

1 x round of shadow boxing (part of the warm up)

*Take ankle weights off*

2 x rounds of shadow boxing

1 x round teeps (front kicks)

1 x round knees

6 x rounds freestyle on heavy bag

6 x rounds freestyle on boxmaster

Speed bag cool down



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