Training for a Wide Back

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wide back

You want a wide back? Wings? An impressive back that is visible even when you are wearing a shirt? Then keep reading!

As with the shoulders and traps, the back muscles are what gives your physique its “V taper”. Combined with a narrow waist (which is the result of a good diet to reduce body fat), a wide back is always impressive and is one of the muscles visible whether you have your shirt on or not!

wide back

You will notice a common theme, in that I believe in prioritising muscle groups that are visible even in clothes.

The exercises I show below are some of my favourites for lats development. The devil is in the detail, in that with rowing and pulling exercises, I like to implement a stretch in the movement.

For example, notice my technique with the pulldowns in that the movement incorporates a full stretch. I relax my shoulders and let the weight stretch my scapula out. This same technique can be applied to pull ups (no kipping, swinging, or cheating!). However I actually favour pulldowns over pull ups. Most of us aren’t strong enough to perform many reps with pull ups using this strict dead hang stretch technique.

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