Training for a Thick Neck

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thick neck

I’ve spoken before about my thoughts on prioritising training body parts that are visible with or without a shirt on, and this includes training for a thick neck!

I can talk about how neck training can be helpful for improving posture, and also for the injury prevention benefits it provides if you partake in collision sports such as boxing or martial arts. But, to be honest, I just think a thick neck looks cool, and you don’t have to take your shirt off to reveal it!

The neck muscles will often be stimulated secondarily in compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, barbell rows etc. And the neck will often receive stimulation in exercise that involve stabilisation of the shoulder girdle, as when training your delts and traps.

However, I like to include some direct neck isolation work, to really try and make that neck grow! If you want a thick neck too, give these a try!

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