Operation Get Dan Diced Week 1 Update

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Operation Get Dan Diced Week 1 Update

I am getting lean!  Operation Get Dan Diced Week 1 Update:

Week 1 Progress Pics


























5 weeks to go

Evening weight has dropped about 0.5kg over the week.

Found myself a little careless with sticking to my daily calorie allowance, so will bear down this week.

Training has been good, but a shock to my system to be doing weight training again.

Knee rehab exercises done everyday this week.



Average daily calories across the week were 2208 calories per day.  The target is 2170.

Average daily grams of Protein across the week were 235g per day.  The target is 217g.

Average daily grams of Carbs across the week were 151g per day.  The target is 163g.

Average daily grams of Fat across the week were 59g per day.  The target is 72g.



Weight training 4 x per week.

Knee Rehab exercises everyday.

Cardio of some sort, modified to cater for my knee injury (cross trainer, bike, boxing with minimal footwork, shadow kickboxing with minimal footwork) everyday.



15,583 steps a day on average.  Doesn’t include any steps during formal exercise – I don’t wear my FitBit while training.


Leaner Stronger

Looking forward to continue to work with Jake Weekes of Leaner Stronger as one of his online coaching clients over the remaining 5 weeks!

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