Another Supplement That Works! My “A-Bolic4” Review

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As you probably already know, I am generally not a big fan of nutritional supplements.  The reason being, is that most of the time I don’t notice any results that warrant spending money on them.

Apart from Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), I usually just stick to the few basics like whey protein, creatine, omega-3 fish oil, and multi-vitamins.

However, I am quite excited by the results of a new supplement that I have been experimenting with: A-Bolic4



The product I have been using is called A-Bolic4.  It is made by an American company called The Lab, and it is marketed as an “anabolic growth supplement”.  They claim that it “supports anabolic growth, increased metabolism, cellular integrity, and male sexual health”.

My Experience

Before I talk more about the supplement, and what’s in it, let me talk about my results with using A-Bolic4.

I have been supplementing with it for roughly three months now.  Throughout this time, I tried not to change any variables in my food intake or training.  I kept things pretty much as consistent as I had been before I started using the supplement.

My calorie intake was roughly at maintenance level throughout, although if anything, I was actually “looser” in controlling my food intake through having more “treats”.


The Results?

This is going to sound like a sales pitch or something, but I am only being truthful here and have no ties with the company!  I honestly noticed that my appearance was:

  • Leaner
  • Tighter
  • Muscles looked denser
  • More vascular with veins popping all the time everywhere.

And since nothing else in my training / diet changed during these 3 months, I can only credit these changes to A-Bolic4.


What’s in it?

I don’t want to bore you with too many details on the ingredients – if you want to read more on that, you can visit The Lab’s website (

 So just to give you a quick run down, A-Bolic4 contains:

  • Over 250mg of Ajuga Turkestanica
  • Over 167mg of EMIQ (Enzymatically modified isoquercitrin)
  • Over 98mg of Apigenin
  • Over 5mg of Bioperine

In short, the aforementioned ingredients, as backed by various studies listed on The Lab’s website, may act to promote muscle growth, promote fat loss, and promote increases in testosterone and decreases in cortisol.

*Note that I say “may act”, as in all honesty I don’t believe that we can 100% say for sure.  But from my personal experience I believe it!


How do I take it?

Each container has 60 capsules, and I was taking one capsule in the morning and one in the evening, daily.  I only weigh around 75kg though, so bigger guys may want to take two capsules morning and evening.

Where do I get it from?

I ordered mine directly from The Lab’s website:

It is a little pricey, although they do frequently have discount promotions running.  Also, unfortunately because it comes from the States, shipping to the UK and the additional tax were fairly pricey too.  But I believe this supplement “works” and is worth it.


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