This is by far my favourite part of the job! I love the gratification I get from seeing the positive impact I have on the lives of people who work with me!

I’ll be honest in saying that you will rarely see overnight dramatic transformations from my clients, and there’s a good reason for that! I focus on slower but SUSTAINABLE change. I want my clients to learn good lifestyle habits, that they will maintain for the rest of their lives, even after they stop working with me. The process might take bit longer, and is without the use of any crash diets. But this way they will maintain their results into the future! No more yo-yo dieting!

My approach to coaching can be summarised through:

The Don’t-“Diet” Diet Protocol

Don't Diet

Because my “diet” isn’t a diet at all. A “diet” is a temporary short term way of eating to force temporary unsustainable weight loss. My protocol implements an enjoyable way of eating for sustainable maintainable permanent results.

“The plan has already embedded life long changes. I know if I keep on at it I will get to my end goal. Thanks Dan.”

“I have been going to the gym for a while and was seeing minimal results. Dan’s programme has given me the tools I needed to structure my workouts and understand how to change my food consumption to see better results. The plan has helped me to establish good eating and exercise habits which has resulted in good fat loss and muscle mass gains.”


“The program is so easy to follow, all the guidelines, information and education you need are given to you in advance of the go live date so you can be fully prepared and hit the ground running! The hints, tips and support Dan gives along the way is brill and I love that you are full held accountable for your own success!”

“The prep – invaluable. All the info you gave helped me prepare fully and understand what I had to do from the outset. The training programmes – so much variety that it meant I had no excuse not to do it whereever I was. I also like to do different routines in the gym to keep me entertained and that was catered for.”

“I am gobsmacked at how easily I have been following my diet. I am still eating snacks, but now I buy low-calorie ice cream and fibre bars!”

“You’re just awesome Dan, you being fun, honest, and providing variety to training. The blogs you write are so open, you express your opinions in a very thorough, well explained yet fair way so the reader can make their own mind up based on the facts/ info you provide.”

“Dan’s programme really is top notch! Extremely flexible catering for so many needs. The variety in the workouts keeps it exciting and interesting, with Dan’s regular contact keeping you on the ball at all times, it’s really hard not to succeed on the plan!”

“I can’t believe how easily I have dieted, stuck to calorie goal and worked out and intentionally had a rest day.”


“The different workout offerings and the variety within these is great!”

“Loving the workouts Dan. This is really awesome. Seriously, you should be proud of this.”

“Dan – this is SERIOUSLY IMPRESSIVE!!! I think this is excellent. I can see you’ve put a lot into this (and your own physique)…I really like the style of the website and your personality shines through – in a industry littered with douchebags!”

“Great stuff bud. By posting your stuff you are helping a lot of people, and that’s incredible, as you are a living example of all of this unlike lot of ‘trainers’ nowadays.”

“You have had me so inspired, I bought a bike and started counting calories again back on New Years. I’m biking 15 miles a day and controlling calories and I’m down 22.5 pounds so far!”

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