Review Your Year

Before thinking about what you WANT to achieve NEXT year, ask yourself what you ALREADY achieved THIS year. Before you go steaming ahead, and start planning for the new year, I want you to take some time to review how THIS year went.  Ask yourself the following about this current year: What went well? Why did

one goal at a time

One Goal at a Time!

“For 2019 I want to lose 50lbs of body fat, gain 50lbs of muscle, play competitive tennis, climb a mountain, and compete in a power lifting meet, all at the same time.” Who the F are you? Wolverine?! How are you going to recover from all of that training? Since it’s a new year and

Dan’s Fear of Failure Rant

Dan’s Fear of Failure Rant – random thoughts from the kitchen! Too many people waste their potential in life… a deep topic here!   Clearly this dieting is taking it’s toll right now haha! It’s true though.  It absolutely kills me how many people I see waste their potential.   This isn’t limited to fitness!