An Insight into Insomnia – a Night With Dan haha

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Insomnia is something I have battled for years.  I am an insomniac.  I don’t sleep well.  Sometimes I don’t sleep at all.  I often get asked what I do during the night?  So I thought I’d make a video to show you.


Right now a typical night for me is about 3 hours sleep.  Usually I just keep waking up again and again.  I’ve tried all of the usual “advice” for better sleep, but it doesn’t seem to work on me.


It’s been years

I’ve suffered with Insomnia for years.  Like I said, I have tried all of the usual “advice” for better sleep, and have tried various medication too, but nothing works.


I’ll figure it out

I’m determined to fix this problem.  Overall over the last six months, my sleep has actually been very gradually improving.  I have “spurts” of better sleep (about 4-5 hours a night), but then this is always followed by periods of even worse sleep.  But overall I am making progress, and I’ll get there!


Keep posted for updates on my journey!


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