Clients’ Progress – it’s more than how you look!

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How about we consider Health for a moment when we think about Fitness…

Fitness is MORE than just your looks and appearance.  Instagrammers, take note: fitness is not just about how you look!

I see the people I work with make awesome transformations, but these are NOT solely physical changes to their appearance.  I see them make positive changes to their health and their wellbeing.  They change mentally and psychologically, as well as often physically.


Yes, clients’ physiques change.  They lose body fat, they tone up, they gain muscle, and they gain strength.  But so often many more changes than this take place, that you just CANNOT capture on camera.

My point here, is NOT to put too much emphasis on the way you look when it comes to gauging your fitness progress.  And of course, usually the worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others.  Prioritise your overall health and set your goals to become a better version of YOU!

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The Don’t-“Diet” Diet Protocol

Because my “diet” isn’t a diet at all. A “diet” is a temporary short term way of eating to force temporary unsustainable weight loss. My protocol implements an enjoyable way of eating for sustainable maintainable permanent results.

What is Online Fitness Coaching?

Online Coaching is essentially, the same as working with a personal trainer in-person, but it all takes place online.  It is a more cost-effective, flexible, and convenient option for people wanting to achieve their weight loss / fitness goals.

We don’t do crash diets!

We don’t like crash diets. They don’t work. Well actually they CAN work. Except you end up putting any weight you lose back on, and often gain even more weight than before! That is why through working with me, we will get you losing fat at a healthy and sustainable pace. We want your weight loss to be permanent! 


Additionally, we don’t like cutting out food groups either. Unless you have some kind of allergy or medical condition, we see no need to deprive your body of essential nutrients! Flexibility and the option to personalise your diet is a big component in getting you to stick to your diet! This is why by working with me, we will get you losing weight while still eating the foods you like!

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