Review Your Year

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Before thinking about what you WANT to achieve NEXT year, ask yourself what you ALREADY achieved THIS year.

Before you go steaming ahead, and start planning for the new year, I want you to take some time to review how THIS year went.  Ask yourself the following about this current year:

What went well?

Why did it go well?

What could you have done differently to make it even better?

What didn’t go so well?

Why didn’t it go well?

What could you have done differently?

review your year

This applies to ALL areas of your life, including your health and fitness. 


What’s the purpose of doing this?

Many of us are not very good at recognising and celebrating our own achievements.  We often overlook or fail to even notice our successes, deeming them as “insignificant” or “still not good enough”.  That is why it’s important to cut ourselves some slack, and to be grateful and happy for the things we have done well.  Even if these things seem minor, or even if you fell short of hitting a specific target you had in mind.  It’ll do no good for your confidence if you are always hard on yourself!

Review Your Year

Plus, it is useful to recognise HOW you managed to achieve what you did.  This way you will have to hand proven methods of success that you can continue to apply into the new year.

However, it is also important to recognise (but not to dwell on) our shortcomings.  If we can analyse what didn’t go so well this year, and identify WHY these things didn’t go well, then we can learn from our mistakes and ensure we don’t repeat these mistakes next year!

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