Are you really going to achieve EVERYTHING this year? Don’t overstretch yourself!

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Are you really going to achieve EVERYTHING this year?  Don’t overstretch yourself!

Earlier I posted about my contempt for the term “New Year’s Resolution”.

As I explained, it’s not that I am against setting a New Year’s Resolution.  In fact, I think goal setting is very important in order to achieve success.  Be it success in weight loss, muscle gain, strength, or in any area of life!

But it is the negative connotations associated with setting New Year’s Resolutions that make it a meaningless activity.


Why are New Year’s Resolutions meaningless?

And why is setting New Year’s Resolutions a meaningless activity?  Because we make half-hearted, outrageously unachievable goals, that we have little intention of actually taking any action to achieve these goals.  How many people achieve their New Year’s Resolutions?  My point EXACTLY!  Very very few!

But besides these already mentioned points, why else do New Year’s Resolutions fail?  Because we set the bar too high.  But also, because people set too damn many of them!

Subtle Changes

As I mentioned in my earlier post, don’t try and change everything in your life at once.  Don’t try and quit smoking, while also quitting drinking, while also training to run a marathon, while trying to gain 10lbs of muscle, and training for a stronger deadlift!

Implement gradual subtle changes.  We have limited time, energy, and resources.  And as adaptable as we may be, we can only implement so much change at once, without reverting back to our old ways.  So, tying in with that, don’t set yourself too many goals and expect to achieve them all at once!  My suggestion is to just focus on ONE!  One New Year’s Resolution!

Make it a genuine, realistic goal, set an action plan, and then go after it.  Don’t be like the rest of the population who fail to achieve their Resolutions year after year!

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