F**k New Year’s Resolutions. How about we set realistic goals instead?

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F**k New Year’s Resolutions. How about instead we set some realistic goals, make a manageable action plan, and then DO IT!

And this doesn’t just apply to your health and fitness / weight loss goals.  This applies to all areas of your life!

realistic goals

I’m not saying that New Year’s Resolutions are necessarily bad. But the problem is that we make the routine “new year, new me” outrageous resolutions each year. And our goals are so high and unrealistic that it’s no surprise when we fail to achieve them.

Aim high, by all means, but make that resolution a 5 year or even a 10 year goal. So, for your New Year’s Resolution (i.e your goal for the next 12 months – the next 52 weeks), set the bar at a reasonable achievable level. And then act on it!

How are you going to achieve your goal this year? Break it down into small tasks that you can do everyday. And don’t try and change everything at once! Again, you’re only setting yourself up for failure.

So, break down your goal into small daily tasks, that won’t involve a complete lifestyle change. It’s all about implementing subtle changes! Persist with your small tasks everyday, and after a year you will find you have achieved your goals!

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