One Goal at a Time!

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one goal at a time

“I want to lose 50lbs of body fat, gain 50lbs of muscle, play competitive tennis, climb a mountain, and compete in a power lifting meet, all at the same time.”

Who the F are you? Wolverine?! How are you going to recover from all of that training?

one goal at a time

While most of my previous articles have been about general goal setting in life, I want to focus on goal setting in regards to health, fitness, and weight loss.

Don’t overstretch yourself

I mentioned previously about not overstretching yourself with too many New Year’s Resolutions (READ THE POST HERE). I said that instead of listing loads of goals and achieving none, why not set yourself one goal to focus on and then make it happen!  And the same applies to your health and fitness goals too!

one goal at a time


We have limited time, energy, and resources.  And as adaptable as we may be, we can only implement so much change at once, without reverting back to our old ways.  Not to mention that with fitness goals in particular, our goals really will take significant time dedicated to training in order to see results.  

If you want to compete in a marathon, but you’re not already a competent runner, do you really think your body can handle multiple stressors at once?  Long distance running WHILE trying to train for muscle growth too! Conflicting goals bro!

Or if you wanted to climb a mountain, do you honestly think this is also a good time to start training to compete on the powerlifting platform?

one goal at a time

Be realistic

Yes, a year is a fairly long time, and you can achieve a lot in a year. But still, you need to be realistic, and appreciate that the body only has limited recovery capabilities. Not to mention that even if you’re a professional athlete, there’s only so much time that you can spend training across the week.

So my take home message is to train for one goal at a time!

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