I would never promote fat shaming.  I really wouldn’t.  To me, any form of bullying is outright wrong.  However, to “normalise” being overweight or obese is also wrong.

I recently came across two newspaper articles that really struck a chord with me.  I’ve posted them both below if you care to read (I’ll warn you now though, the second article is VERY long).




Both articles essentially are related to the topics of obesity and fat shaming, but it is the second article in particular that really got me going.



Obesity is a real epidemic in the Western World.  It is so sad to see that the majority of people in the West, roughly two thirds, are overweight.  Let that sink in for a moment.  The world is such a crazy place that while poverty, hunger, and starvation still exists, we have the problem of most of the developed world being overweight!  Crazy!


I don’t think you really need me to repeat here the health problems that being overweight can create.  We are talking about greater risks of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer to name a few.


Be Responsible!

But what really bugs me is the second article’s attempt to point the finger of blame at just about everyone except the author themselves!

Let me state this strongly: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH.  For you not to accept this accountability, who else are you relying on to fix your problem?


Yes, I sympathise that being overweight or obese often brings with it many negative experiences, such as vulnerability to bullying or fat shaming.  I’ve already stated that this is WRONG.


BUT…if someone is overweight or obese, why is this the case?  Because they don’t exercise / aren’t active enough, or they eat too much / make too many poor nutritional choices, or a combination of these.  And how can anyone else be responsible to blame for this but themselves?


Don’t Blame the Diet if it was Unrealistic to Begin With!

In the second article, the author complains that diets “don’t work”.  Well yes, if you are following a short term weight loss diet that is super restrictive and involves cutting out foods, cutting out food groups, or literally starvation, then yes OBVIOUSLY they won’t work!


And if you follow a diet (or exercise plan) with the intention of it being a temporary quick fix, only to go back to your previous sedentary ways and poor nutritional habits, then OBVIOUSLY yes, YOU WILL REGAIN ALL OF YOUR LOST WEIGHT!  A good nutritional and exercise plan is to become a lifestyle change that you ARE MEANT TO STICK TO PERMANENTLY.  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO STICK TO IT, THEN OBVIOUSLY THE PLAN YOU WERE FOLLOWING WASN’T SENSIBLE, REALISTIC OR HEALTHY.


Anyway, nobody is forcing you to sit on your bum all day long.  Yes, many of us now have sedentary office jobs and work long hours, but that’s no excuse not to squeeze activity and exercise into the day.


Nobody is forcing you to eat fast food

Nobody is forcing you to eat fast food regularly.  Even if your income and cooking skills are limited, nobody is saying you must make yourself exquisite meals each day or buy from the luxurious “health food” range at the supermarket.  There are an abundance of very simple, affordable, and sensible meal options to choose from.


Even if you outright refuse to cook, just look at all of the healthier restaurant food options available. Or if you can afford it, there are even a growing number of “meal prep companies” that prepare and cook fresh healthy food for you, and even deliver it to your door.


Lack of Motivation?

So what is the problem?  Perhaps it is the initial motivation and effort required just to get organised and get going.  MAYBE THESE PEOPLE FAIL TO SEE THAT A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE IS NOT A GAME OF DISCIPLINE AND WILL POWER.  No.  IT IS SIMPLY A MATTER OF ORGANISATION AND ROUTINE AND HABIT.  Once you take the initiative to embark on a healthier lifestyle and make a few initial smarter lifestyle choices, you soon fall into a routine of doing so.  At this point it doesn’t even require motivation or discipline – it is just a case of running on autopilot and automatically making these better routine lifestyle decisions.


My Message

But to reemphasise my main message of this post, it is about BEING RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH.  Yes shit happens to all of us in life, and some of us endure life experiences that are WAY worse than others.  This often can’t be helped and you are not to blame for this.


BUT…if you refuse to take action and move on with your life to improve your circumstances, is anybody else really to blame for this but yourself?  BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN LIFE.  This applies to your wealth, your income, your relationships, your happiness, and of course…YOUR HEALTH.

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