You want “to get fit”. But what does that even mean?

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You want “to get fit”. But what does that even mean?

“This year I’m going to get fit”.

We’ve heard it all before.  Many of us have said it ourselves many times before.  But let’s pause for a minute to ask what we even mean by that?  What are we actually trying to achieve?

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Different things for different people

“Getting fit” will mean all sorts of different things to different people. For a clinically obese person, “getting fit” will most likely mean dropping a significant amount of body fat to get their weight in a healthier range.  But for a scrawny guy, “getting fit” will probably mean putting on some weight, albeit ideally mainly muscle mass.  Then for an ever-injured footballer, “getting fit” could mean to rehab their injury and to address any physiological weaknesses in order to get back playing again.

So, really what I’m saying, is that I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to be specific when it comes to our health and fitness goals.

get fit


Let me bore you for a second and remind you that “specificity” is a component of our SMART goals acronym.  Goals should be:






get fit

Being specific

So, how about we change “I want to get fit” to “I want to lose body fat”. Now let’s make it SMART:

Specific: I want to lose 20lbs of body fat.

Measurable: I will weigh myself each week.

Achievable: Yes, 20lbs over 12 months allows for a rate of conservative fat loss, and leaves time for any periods of stalled weight loss, plateaus, or relapses!

Realistic: Yes, 20lbs over a year is certainly doable.  I will aim for roughly 2lbs of weight loss per month.

Timely: I want to achieve it over 12 months.

get fit

You should do the same!

Now, that looks a bit better, doesn’t it!  Now do the same for your own fitness goals.

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