Dan’s Fear of Failure Rant

Dan’s Fear of Failure Rant – random thoughts from the kitchen!

Too many people waste their potential in life… a deep topic here!


Clearly this dieting is taking it’s toll right now haha!

It’s true though.  It absolutely kills me how many people I see waste their potential.


This isn’t limited to fitness!

People’s fear of failure paralyses them in all areas of their life!  They are scared to even try something in case they don’t succeed.


Successful people are often idealised for their achievements.  But what you don’t hear about is how many times they had to keep trying and failing in order to succeed!


There are no larger restraints on our potential than those we place on ourselves!  Be amazing.  Be awesome!  Get in the game. Have a go at least.  And if you get knocked down, learn from it, and get right back up again!  I’m going to get off my soapbox now!



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