What is Online Fitness Coaching?

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OK guys, let’s make it official – my Online Fitness Coaching Services are now live!

You may have noticed a new page link in the menu bar of my website, for my “Online Coaching Services”. So, it’s official – I’m back in the online weight loss coaching game!

Well…to be honest I never left the game.  I’ve continued providing online coaching ever since I first started personal training back in 2010.  The difference being that now I am looking to open my doors to a wider scope of busy normal people (just like you!) to work with as online clients.

online coaching

What is Online Fitness Coaching?

Online coaching is essentially the same as working with a personal trainer in-person, but it all takes place online.  It is a more cost-effective, flexible, and convenient option for people wanting to achieve their weight loss / fitness goals.

I offer varying levels of service. But my Private One-to-One Online Coaching Service is delivered to you through the use of my app, that I use with clients to message, to track progress, and to deliver their workout programs and nutritional goals.  You can access the app through your phone while travelling, during training, or through a computer / tablet.

online coaching

Who will benefit from Online Fitness Coaching?

Almost anyone looking to achieve weight loss results, where failure is not an option, can benefit from using my online coaching service.

You get accountability and on-going support. And with my Private One-to-One Online Coaching Service you can message me at any time, and I will respond ASAP.  Not to mention that we will have a proper “check in” each week, to continue assess your progress and make any necessary alterations to keep you on track.  And every part of your training program and nutritional goals are customised to fit in with your busy lifestyle!

Online coaching is a more cost-effective way of working with a trainer, as online coaching works out far cheaper than in-person coaching.

If you have a busy schedule, you could be a perfect candidate.  You don’t have to worry about set workout times booked with a trainer – you simply exercise whenever suits you, regardless of my own schedule.  You can even train from home too, as I provide the option of home workouts.

If you want sustainable, maintainable, permanent results, then working with me online is a sure-fire way to get there!

I don’t take on clients to keep forever, either.  The idea is to educate you and guide you along the way, to instil lifelong good lifestyle habits. So that when you are ready, you can go off and continue / maintain your results without my help.

Why do people work with me?

Simple!  I get people results!  I have been helping people lose weight and get in shape since 2010.  I’m talking about normal busy people.  People just like you.  Who don’t want to spend their life in the gym, or following unrealistic diet plans!  I don’t do fad diets, and I don’t do extreme programs either.  Flexibility and tailoring programs to address your individual needs are key.  We want sustainable, maintainable, permanent results, not a quick fix temporary solution.  People work with me knowing that they will be learning good habits, that they can eventually carry on to upkeep by themselves without my help when the time is right.

online coaching

Want to find out more?

Great!  Please check out my Online Coaching Services page!

online coaching

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