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Sign up for The Doughnut Diet – FREE 7 Day Flexible Eating Challenge 🍩, where I will be teaching you the system I use for losing fat 💪 while still being able to include junk food 🍕.

🎥 I will be emailing you a short video (most are a little over 5 mins or so) each day over the duration of the challenge.  To make things easier, I’ve provided notes for each video too, that you can download.  So please check your inbox daily!  

✏️ Each day, I’ll be setting you a few very short tasks to do (it’ll only take 5 mins), so please keep on track and complete the daily tasks! It’s all important for teaching you my method for losing body fat 💪 without cutting out junk food! 🍩

❓If you have any questions or are unsure about anything, please feel free to join my Facebook group and ask any questions.  The link is here:

SIGN UP HERE for The Doughnut Diet – FREE 7 Day Flexible Eating Challenge 🍩

flexible eating

I thought I’d take a moment to answer some FAQs…

Q: I’m really busy and short on time. How much time do I need to take part in The Doughnut Diet Challenge?

A: Each day of the challenge, you will be required to watch a short video (maybe 5 mins or so) emailed to you. You will be set quick tasks to do each day, which should only take another 5 mins or so. So really, you are only looking at a time commitment of maybe 15 mins or so each day over the 7 days of the challenge.

Q: I have very little experience with nutrition or dieting. Do I have to know anything about counting calories or macros?

A: No, you don’t need any prior dieting experience! All will be explained to you over the course of the challenge, so even if you are completely new to dieting, don’t worry!

Q: I already know how to count calories and know a bit about nutrition. Is the challenge still suitable for me?

A: Yes, absolutely. Some of the earlier modules of the challenge might seem basic to you if you already have a good knowledge base on nutrition. But I urge you not to be tempted to skip any videos – they act as a good reminder even if you aren’t new to dieting. Also, I competed in natural bodybuilding for years (so was well accustomed with calories and macros), but still learned (and continue to learn to this day) new elements of nutrition. And this is how I came across this flexible eating system in the first place, enabling me to lose fat whilst still eating junk food.

Q: Do I need to be exercising through the duration of the challenge?

A: I’d always recommend that people exercise, as long as they have been medically cleared to do so, of course. But no, exercise is not compulsory for the challenge. The contents of the challenge focus on the dieting side of fat loss (while incorporating junk food!), so the exercise component of fat loss is beyond the scope of this challenge. Exercise combined with dieting is the most efficient way to lose fat, but exercise is not compulsory to lose fat.

More FAQs…

Q: What things do I need for the challenge?

A: Ideally, you will have a working set of kitchen scales (preferably digital). You will have access to a set of body weight scales to weigh yourself. You will have a smart phone so to download the MyFitnessPal calorie counting app (the app has a free version). And you will have access to Facebook through the duration of the challenge (either on your phone, tablet, or laptop, it doesn’t matter), so to access my Facebook group.

Q: If I get stuck or confused with anything during the challenge, are you available to provide help?

A: Yes! You will have access to me through my Facebook group, so if you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask me in the group and I will respond as soon as I can. Note that I don’t check my Facebook direct messages so often, so please post in the group for the fastest response from me.

Q: Can I really get ripped just by eating junk food?

A: Yes, in fact you can get ripped by eating NOTHING but junk food, and some people do actually. BUT, this is NOT what I recommend, as it is simply not healthy. What is the point in getting lean and “looking” good, only to soon suffer from an array of health complications? As you will see through what I teach in the challenge, I advocate a balanced healthy diet and lifestyle, that doesn’t involve cutting out any foods (so still including junk food in moderation as part of a balanced diet). This is the key to healthy, realistic, sustainable, permanent results!

SIGN UP HERE for The Doughnut Diet – FREE 7 Day Flexible Eating Challenge 🍩

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