Operation Get Dan Diced Week 6 FINAL Update

Operation Get Dan Diced Week 6 FINAL Update

I am DICED!  I did it!  I made it!  And thank God it’s over.

It’s been a tough journey.  But, yes, despite my deep contemplation and pondering thoughts of last week, it WAS worth it!


Week 6 Progress Pics

I wrapped up the end of Operation Get Dan Diced with a professional photoshoot.  I used my pal and awesome photographer Nick Velasco (http://www.nickvelasco.com/)

There’s a lot more pics on their way, but here’s a few that Nick sent over for now.







My body weight

Let’s take a look at my weight fluctuations across the six week program:

Average AM Bodyweight (when I’m at my heaviest):

Week 1 – 77.2kg

Week 2 – 76.7kg

Week 3 – 77.3kg

Week 4 – 76.9kg

Week 5 – 77kg

Week 6 – 76.5kg


Average PM Bodyweight (when I’m at my lightest):

Week 1 – 73.6kg

Week 2 – 72.9kg

Week 3 – 73.5kg

Week 4 – 73.3kg

Week 5 – 73.3kg

Week 6 – 73.7kg

FINAL DAY = 72kg at time of photoshoot


So as we can see, overall my bodyweight pretty much remained constant over the 6 weeks, despite the fact that the way I looked changed drastically.  Goes to emphasise that the scales alone are a poor judge of progress!



My calories over the six weeks went from 2,100 to 1,800 in gradual decreases.  Doesn’t sound like a big difference, but it sure felt it!



This week’s step count was about 17,850 steps a day on average.  Remarkably my steps over the six weeks increased from my daily average of 15,000 a day that I started at.  Remember, I don’t wear my FitBit during exercise.  Considering how much training I was doing and how poor my energy levels were, this is very surprising!  I think I was consciously trying to move more, to battle my low energy and to keep dropping body fat!



My sleep average was over 6 hours a night this week.  It’ crazy how my sleep actually improved!


Leaner Stronger

dietI would like to say a massive thanks to Jake Weekes of Leaner Stronger. His coaching was a huge help to me get me through the six weeks.  I cannot recommend him strongly enough.






What do I do now?

I won’t talk about this just yet.  Stay tuned!  To be continued!


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