Operation Get Dan Diced Week 5 Update

Operation Get Dan Diced Week 5 Update

Just one more week left of Operation Get Dan Diced!  These last 5 weeks have gone by quickly…most of the time anyway!  But anyway, one last week to get as lean as possible.


Week 5 Progress Pics





1 week to go – body weight has still remained the same

My morning body weight was an average of 77kg this week, up 1 lb from last week.  My evening body weight this week was an average of 73.3kg, exactly the same as last week.  But again, despite the weight staying constant, I am definitely leaner since last week.  Especially in the legs.  This again leads me to conclude that I have gained muscle mass while simultaneously losing body fat over the course of the week.

My legs are coming in now, but I need them leaner!

I will be continuing to push the envelope this week in bringing my legs in leaner.  There is a huge improvement from last week, but in comparison to my upper body, I am still trying to shift some more fat from my legs by the weekend.


Dieting is tough on lower calories!  But I will attempt to drop calories lower again!

Last week me and Jake Weekes made the decision to drop my food intake to try and get these legs lean.  It’s working, but time is running out.  My calories last week were set at 1900 per day.  This week I will attempt 1800 per day if I can, but if I simply don’t have the energy to train, then I’ll have to bump them up again.  As mentioned previously, I still have to be careful about leaving some room in my calorie budget for when I’m awake during the night.



Training has still being pretty crap.  I am still weight training 4x a week.  But my performance is remaining dismal.  This can only be expected when calories start getting low and body fat gets really low.  I have to really motivate myself to still train as hard and as heavy as my body will let me – even if the reality is that the weights used are pretty pathetic!


I am still trying to keep up my other activities and conditioning work.  As bad as my energy levels are, if I want to keep losing fat, I have to force my body to keep going!  It is tough, but it is what it is to get as lean as I want to be.

So I have continued to do a little bag work (with limited footwork due to my knee injury).  Plus I have been doing cardio on the cross trainer and the bike.


Knee Rehab

The knee has actually been OK this week.  This is probably because I have been extra careful not to risk any movements that might irritate it.  I am still doing knee rehab exercises on most days, and this has to continue.



Average daily calories across the week were 1994 calories per day.  It’s a little more than the 1900 I was trying to stick to, so I know dropping down to 1800 will be even more difficult, but I will try!  I need this to get my legs lean!

Average daily grams of Protein across the week were 215g per day, about the same as last week.  I am dropping my calories from mainly carbs and then fats.  It is my opinion that protein has to stay extra high right now to preserve and try and gain muscle.

Average daily grams of Carbs across the week were 121 per day.

Average daily grams of Fat across the week were 66g per day.



This week’s step count was about 17,286 steps a day on average.  About the same as last week.  This continues to surprise me, as I have been finding any physical activity so much harder due to low energy!  I just need to try and keep this up now to keep getting lean!  Remember this doesn’t include any steps during formal exercise – I don’t wear my FitBit while training.  I also have been cycling to and from the gym for the added knee rehab, and for the added cardio.  The FitBit doesn’t transfer cycling into steps very well!



My sleep stayed constant at about 5 hours a night on average, though this figure still paints a false picture!  Some nights I got just 2 hours, but then 1 or 2 nights I got about 6 or 7 hours.


Leaner Stronger

dietI am still very happy and looking forward to continue to work with Jake Weekes of Leaner Stronger as one of his online coaching clients over the remaining week!


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