Operation Get Dan Diced Week 3 Update

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Operation Get Dan Diced Week 3 Update

OK, I’m now half way through Operation Get Dan Diced – 3 weeks down, 3 weeks to go.

I am lean and getting leaner (and more muscular!)


Week 3 Progress Pics


This photo above is a comparison to last week.  Definitely tighter and leaner, despite being heavier, but why I look more tanned too, I don’t know haha!





3 weeks to go – body weight is increasing?

My morning body weight was an average of 77.3kg this week.  Last week’s average was 76.7kg.  My evening body weight this week was an average of 73.5kg.  Last week the average was 72.9kg.  So I have definitely gained a significant amount of weight this week despite being in a calorie deficit still.

Gaining muscle while losing fat?

Since I am appearing tighter, more vascular (veiny), and leaner (even in the face), I can only conclude that I am in the rare position where I am gaining muscle while losing body fat (a body recomposition).  The reason for this must be because my body is so unconditioned to weight training, so it is now a very novel stimulus to my muscles.  And while it is not technically possible to gain muscle and lost fat at the same time, it does however seem to be the case that I am catabolic and losing fat at some parts of the day / week.  But then being anabolic and gaining muscle at other parts of the day / week.


Food intake

I have discussed my diet more in-depth in the previous posts:


and HERE

As mentioned last week, I got stricter on my food intake.  Being an insomniac, I am awake for a lot more hours than regular people.  Therefore I have been spacing my food intake to allow for through the night eating, knowing that I will usually still be awake – and hungry.



Training has been good again this week, still weight training 4x a week.  I am beating the log book most sessions on most exercises.

I am still trying to keep my fitness levels up for once I return to martial arts.  So I have still done a little bit of bag work (with limited footwork due to my knee injury).  Plus I have been doing cardio on the cross trainer and the bike.  In fact I have struggled with my step count on some days this week due to training more in New Malden, which is a 15 – 20 minute bike ride away.  So I have been clocking up a lot of time on the bike, especially when making two bike journeys in the same day.  Hopefully this will help with the knee rehab.


Knee Rehab

I have been continuing to do some knee rehab exercises most days.  I am incorporating more leg presses, rather than just the previous leg extensions and leg curls.  Last week I mentioned that the knee was improving a little.  I take that back.  Sadly it’s felt like the knee is back to its usual weak and painful self.  I’m awaiting an MRI scan still, but I am not holding my breath.



Average daily calories across the week were 1861.5 calories per day, lower than last week’s average of 1915.  And lower than the target of 2170.  This is mainly due to me being ill towards the end of the week and significantly reducing my food intake for a day or two.

Average daily grams of Protein across the week were 212g per day, same as last week.  The target is 217g, so this is almost spot on.

Average daily grams of Carbs across the week were 119g per day, 2g more than last week.  The target is 163g, so this is something I still need to work on this week.

Average daily grams of Fat across the week were 54g per day, 1g less than last week.  The target is 72g.  This is still quite a fair bit under, so I still need to work on improving this.



Last week was about 16,000 steps a day on average.  This week was about 15,540.  As mentioned, I have been doing a lot more cycling rather than walking, so I wouldn’t be too concerned even if this number drops even more.  Remember this doesn’t include any steps during formal exercise – I don’t wear my FitBit while training.



You will be aware of my insomnia issues I have battled for years.  This week saw a drop to about 5 hours of sleep on average, compared to last week’s 6.5 hours.  I’m sorry to say that this week’s 5 hours doesn’t tell the full story either, as the quality of sleep has been dreadful.  I don’t know why my sleep has got worse again.  I never do.  Just like I never know why at times it improves slightly.  The struggle continues.


Leaner Stronger

leanerI am still very happy and looking forward to continue to work with Jake Weekes of Leaner Stronger as one of his online coaching clients over the remaining 3 weeks!


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