Operation Get Dan Diced Week 2 Update

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Operation Get Dan Diced Week 2 Update

2 weeks are now complete of my quest to get super lean. And I’m getting leaner!  Operation Get Dan Diced Week 2 Update:


Week 2 Progress Pics




4 weeks to go

My morning body weight hit a new low of 76kg – keep in mind that I hold A LOT of water on a morning time and this is when I am at my heaviest.  Compare this 76kg to last week’s low of 76.8kg.  My evening body weight, when I am at my lightest once I’ve shed the excess water, was at a low of 71.8kg compared to last week’s 73.2kg.  A significant difference.


What changed for the weight to drop?

I got stricter on my food intake.  I had been sloppy the previous week on sticking within my daily calorie allowance and hitting my target macros.  This week I set up a better and more rigid structure to my meals, to ensure I didn’t go over.  I’ve said this before, but Jake Weeks‘ program works, as long as you get shit done and stick to it!  It takes a load off my mind that he’s dealing with my nutrition and training.  And he is the one to be making any adjustments to ensure I reach my goal.  I like not having to think about it.  But it is still MY responsibility to actually execute and get it done!  The best program in the world will not help you if don’t follow it!



leanTraining has been good again this week, still weight training 4x a week.

Still been keeping up with the cardio too, which I do probably every day because…well…I just do!  It’s not necessary at this stage, but I am trying to keep my fitness levels up for once I return to martial arts.

It is still a bit of a shock to my body to be doing weight training again after steering clear of it for so long.  And I must admit that some workouts, although simple on paper, still hit me like a wrecking ball!  But I’ve done this before.  My body knows what’s going on here.  My body is responding well to the novel stimulus, and I am lucky to be in a position where I am actually gaining muscle while losing body fat at the same time!

To get technical, I’m not quite gaining muscle and losing fat at EXACTLY the same time, which is impossible.  But through alternate periods of the days and weeks, I am switching between a state of growth and fat loss, which is awesome. This is rare, and usually only happens with those “new” to resistance training.  However, since I haven’t done it for so long, my body kind of IS “new” to resistance training right now!


Knee Rehab

I have been continuing to do some knee rehab exercises every day.  Not to jinx it, but my knee is actually beginning to feel ever so slightly better. I put this down to me staying away from Jiu-Jitsu and boxing, and through my leg muscles growing stronger which is better supporting the knee.  It is still early days, but this is encouraging.  I even began incorporating heavier leg training this week.  As well as my usual leg extensions, leg curls, and smith machine deep squats, I went hard on the plate loaded leg press and hack squat machines.  it felt good to get a massive pump in my legs, which made my knee feel great too.


Stomach Vacuum

You might be happy to hear that I practice what I preach and have continued to include stomach vacuums in my abs training, which is done most days.  I pick one or two abs exercises, and at the end of every rep hold a vacuum hard for a few seconds.  I also hold a vacuum pose in between each set of abs too.  Judging by photos, I seem to be progressing and getting better at this pose. Which is cool!



Average daily calories across the week were 1915 calories per day.  The target is 2170, so on some days I was a little under. But that’s fine.  I’d rather err on the side of caution and under rather than over eat!

Average daily grams of Protein across the week were 212g per day.  The target is 217g, so this is almost spot on.

Average daily grams of Carbs across the week were 117g per day.  The target is 163g, so this next week I won’t be quite so carb “shy”.

Average daily grams of Fat across the week were 55g per day.  The target is 72g.  Quite a fair bit under, so I know I can be very very happily include more peanut butter, which is my Kryptonite!




About 16,000 steps a day on average.  Doesn’t include any steps during formal exercise – I don’t wear my FitBit while training. Unintentionally, this is an increase on last week’s average of 15,583 steps a day.  I guess I’ve just been more active this week without knowing it.



Not to jinx it, but my sleep has improved dramatically for some reason.  You will probably. already be well aware of my insomnia issues I have battled for years.  I have gone from averaging 2-3 hours sleep a night to now getting 6.5 hours sleep on average!  I don’t know if the program has anything to do with it.  It might be because I haven’t been out training martial arts every night, due to my bad knee, like I normally would be.  I don’t know.  Either way, let’s hope this continues!


Leaner Stronger

leanLooking forward to continue to work with Jake Weeks of Leaner Stronger as one of his online coaching clients over the remaining 4 weeks!


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