I would NEVER do this with a client, so why am I doing it with myself?

Do as I say, not as I do!body fat

I must admit that I’m not in a very good place psychologically as I write this.  I have just a few days left of dieting.  I am on very low calories.  My energy levels are so low that it requires maximum effort to do ANYTHING, even just to think!  The fact that I’m still hitting the gym everyday seems an absolute miracle.  So the question I ask myself is “why am I doing this to myself?”  Would I do this with a client, if it involved them suffering and if it impacted their everyday life to such an extent?  NO!  Of course I wouldn’t!  So why am I doing this to myself?


Is it worth it?

You should know by now that I encourage people to follow a sensible balanced healthy diet.  I believe that torturing yourself and suffering is just NOT necessary, when there are less stressful ways to lose weight and get in shape.  The thing is, what I am trying to achieve right now just isn’t possible without suffering.  To diet down to very low body fat is not what the body will naturally do – you have to force your body to do it.  But is it really worth it?

body fat


Ok, disclaimer: let’s first draw the line between beach body six pack lean, and competition lean.  I am NOT talking about the former, I am talking about the ripped to shreds latter.

Also, please keep in mind that I CHOSE to do this!  It wasn’t Jake of Leaner Stronger.  Jake has done a great job at helping me through these last six weeks (or just under now as I write this).  But it was me who decided to try and diet down to such low body fat in just six weeks.

body fat

I’m a hypocrite, because slow and steady is the way

Let me point out that never mind the fact that my goal of dieting down to such low body fat is a questionable one to begin with.  It was silly of me to try and do it in just six weeks.  With ANY diet, and I preach this to others all the time, slow and steady is the best way!  A longer diet as opposed to a short crash diet, will involve less suffering, a greater chance of adherence, and a greater chance of maintainable sustainable permanent results.  So for me to undertake such a task that would involve suffering regardless, and to only give myself six weeks to do it, was a poor choice!  Think “double” the suffering!


Why am I doing this?

Honestly…unless you’re doing it to step on stage because you enjoy competing….getting to this level of leanness just isn’t worth it.  I actually now wish I had signed up for a competition so to make the struggle more worth while.  Otherwise I am now pondering why I have done this?  There is no true end purpose to this diet, such as a physique contest.


I needed a challenge

I suppose, as I think about it more, I needed a challenge.  I am injured right now (knee still isn’t looking good), taking away any martial arts competition from my table of options.  I haven’t even been able to practice any martial arts, let alone compete.  So I needed a distraction and a new (though hopefully temporary) direction to take my training focus.  Also it has been years since I competed in bodybuilding and dieted to such low body fat.  Deep down I wanted to test myself, to see if my present older self still had the physical and mental ability to do it.  Or maybe I’m just clutching at straws here and looking for excuses.  I don’t know!

body fat

I would NEVER put a client on a crash diet!

Anyway, on a side note.  If anyone does plan to diet down to such low body fat, DON’T try and do it in six weeks!  Give yourself more like 16 weeks.  Slow and steady = less extreme dieting which = less suffering.

Either way, I have just days to go now.  And despite questioning EVERYTHING right now, I know I will feel proud of myself for having seen this through to the end.

What was the question again?  Oh man, my brain is fried….

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