How my Online Fitness Coaching works

Through my Online Fitness Coaching, I coach busy people to lose fat, build muscle, and feel healthier. And I deliver it all online.

You will still live a full and balanced life. You will NOT have to sacrifice your favourite food or take much of your time.

I work with you to get you leaner, stronger, and healthier, with results that stick.

By my personalised coaching being delivered online, my service is accessible to you from anywhere at any time. All at the touch of your phone, computer, or tablet.  I am there to answer questions and guide you along the way.

What it includes:

My service entails a full lifestyle package to support you with your:

  • Food and drink intake
  • Exercise
  • Your Lifestyle (stress, sleep, meal and exercise scheduling, time management), 
  • And Adherence (staying on track)

Ideliver my online coaching to you through my software. You can access it through your phone, computer, or tablet.

I will be there any time you have a question. And you will check in with me at least once a week, to make sure you stay on track to reaching your goals.  And to provide guidance and ensure you don’t have any issues. Plus to address lifestyle factors including stress, sleep, and activity levels outside of training.

At the touch of your phone, you will have access to your workouts. Including video demonstrations, and you can track your sessions and see graphs of your progress.  We work together to make your exercise plan fit in with your busy lifestyle.

We will track body stats and progress pictures too, and can see progress comparisons.

Through the software, we will manage your food intake so to lose fat and build muscle.  I help you with things like meal planning and prep, recipe ideas, and food suggestions. And you will still eat your favourite food.

We work together to get you results

I will make changes as necessary. I help keep you on track and accountable, help implement habit change, troubleshoot, and give ideas and suggestions.

Through my Online Fitness Coaching, we will work together to get you to lose fat, build muscle, and feel healthier.

And you are not locked into any long term contract. You simply pay monthly for as long as you wish to carry on working with me as a client.

online fitness coaching

To enquire about my online coaching services, please visit My Online Coaching Services page. Let’s start you on your journey to seeing real lasting results.

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