Operation Get Dan Diced – as promised, more in depth dieting video

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Operation Get Dan Diced – as promised, more in depth dieting video

I said I’d do it!  You wanted to know more about my fat loss dieting tactics as part of Operation Get Dan Diced.  Well here it is…

In this video I discuss my calorie intake and my macros.

I talk about how I roughly structure a typical day’s eating.

You will hear me talk about what my meals are like.



Hint: whether dieting or not, none of this changes!  The only modification is I get tighter on my calorie allowance for the day!


I also discuss how the fact that I am an insomniac, so I am awake for roughly 20 – 21 hours a day on average, impacts how I structure my food intake and meal timings.


Routine and structure

I can’t emphasise enough the importance of having good habits and a good eating routine when it comes to weight loss and dieting.  This way you are running on autopilot, you are well organised, and the temptation to cheat on your diet is limited!  I am lucky that I already have good habits ingrained in me.  But I am aware that for beginners, this is one of the biggest hurdles.  But once they get a good exercise and eating routine established, weight loss becomes soooo much easier for them!


A balanced diet

This post again bring me back to the theme of eating a balanced well rounded mostly healthy diet.  There are too many extreme diets around right now.  It’s like people find it hard to believe that you can get results from just eating sensibly.  You don’t HAVE to fast if you don’t want to.  You don’t HAVE to cut out food groups.  And you don’t HAVE to eat 100% clean foods all the time – just eat clean foods MOST of the time, and you’ll be fine!


Leaner Stronger

Let me mention that I am still happy to be working with Jake Weeks of Leaner Stronger!


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