Diet Food: Dan’s Big Bowl of Mush

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Diet Food: Dan’s Big Bowl of Mush

Before we talk about “diet food’, if there is such a thing, lets talk about the “secret” to weight loss.

There is no secret!

Simply create a calorie deficit through exercise and eating less.


How do you eat less?diet food

By making your food as “filling” as possible so you aren’t tempted to eat more.


In this video I used the following ingredients:


Whey Protein – 1 scoop

Muesli – 50g

Strawberries – 300g

Almonds – 18g

Cinnamon – 1 tsp

Xanthan Gum – 1 tsp

Add water, mix (or blend), put in the fridge to set, and enjoy!


The take home message, if you are trying to lose weight, is to try and make your food as “bulky” and “filling” as possible.  This is whilst ensuring the food is still lower in calories, of course.  There really aren’t such a thing as “diet foods”.  But foods that will help when losing weight, will usually be those high in fibre.  This is why I have used strawberries, muesli and almonds for this recipe.

Additionally, lean protein is often filling and lower in calories!  As are cruciferous vegetables and fruit (eaten whole, not blended or juiced of course!)

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