Client Progress Pics

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client progress pics

I post a lot of progress pics, and just pictures of me in general. So I must admit that I should start posting more client pics too.

This is a young lady that I’ve been working with through my Personalised Coaching Service. See here the great progress she made so far after only just 4 weeks.

client progress pics

I don’t expect any overnight transformations with any of my clients.

Sure, we COULD get them to lose weight super quickly. But if they weren’t following a sensible sustainable (albeit slower) program, then don’t expect these drastic results to last.

I work with people to help them to develop good long lasting lifestyle habits, with subtle conservative adjustments to their diet and training. It may take a little longer for them to reach their goals, but at least this way they know that their results will be maintainable. Even after they are done working with me.

If you’d like to find more about my Personalised Fitness Coaching Services, please visit the page HERE!

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