Cauliflower Rice Pudding

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cauliflower rice pudding

I’ve been told I eat some strange things sometimes, so I guess that cauliflower rice pudding will be considered one of them!

“Cauliflower rice” is literally just grated cauliflower. I don’t know who came up with the idea to grate cauliflower. And to use it as a low calorie alternative to rice. But whoever it was, I consider them a genius!

So, cauliflower rice is generally used as a substitute for “normal rice” when it comes to preparing meals. Think of any dish that you would usually eat with rice. And then just replace that rice with cauliflower rice.

Examples are numerous. But say chicken tikka masala, chilli con carne, prawns and rice, steak and rice…and so on!

I just had to be different!

However, I decided to turn it up a notch! I was experimenting in the kitchen. It occurred to me that cauliflower rice didn’t necessarily have to be eaten alongside savoury dishes. Why not make it sweet?

While the cauliflower rice, when used as part of a regular meal, could be flavoured accordingly to taste like regular rice. It occurred to me that when eaten on its own, cauliflower rice had a little bit of a porridge-like texture. And this gave me the idea to sweeten it to create a sweet porridge substitute. Or, you could say I created cauliflower rice pudding!

What are the benefits of using cauliflower rice? Why not just eat regular rice?

Let me mention first that there is nothing wrong with eating regular rice! However, substituting regular rice for cauliflower rice is just such an easy way to reduce the calories you eat.

If you are trying to lose body fat, then you must be in a “calorie deficit”. This means that you must be eating less calories than the calories you burn. So using cauliflower rice fills you up. With a large reduction in calories eaten, it makes fat loss a lot easier!

Cauliflower is cruciferous vegetable. Cruciferous vegetables include things like broccoli, cabbage, and asparagus too. The calories in these vegetables are “negligible calories”. By that, we mean that the calories used by the body to digest the vegetables is actually greater than the calories in the vegetables themselves! So essentially, they are calorie-free!

cauliflower rice pudding

Cauliflower and vegetables are also a great source of nutrients and fibre. You read more about the importance of fibre in my post HERE!

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