How to use a Calorie Counting App, even if you’ve never done it before

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If you’ve never used a calorie counting app before, it can be a little intimating.  You may have heard of or seen others using these apps.  But the thought of you using one might leave you scratching your head wcalorie counting appondering where to begin.  This post will show you that calorie counting apps are soooo simple to use.  And with a little practice, you will be able to enter and track your daily food intake in seconds!



Video: How to use a Calorie Counting App on Your Phone to Track Food

In this video I show you just how easy it really is to use a calorie counting app on your phone!




Video: How to use a Calorie Counting App to Track Food When Cooking a Meal for the Family

In this next video I show you how you would use the app to track your own food intake if cooking a meal for the family.


Various Calorie Counting Apps to Choose From – and They are Free!

There are various calorie counting apps available out there.  Most of them are free, but with some extra special features you have the option of paying for.  Some of the popular ones include MyFitnessPal, MyNetDiary, Calorie Count, and Calorie King.

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Food Database

These apps have a database of all sorts of different foods.  The nutritional information of foods is already stored in the app’s database memory.  So, all you have to do is select a food, and enter the quantity / serving size you will be consuming.  Then the app will display and store the nutritional values.  This allows you to see the number of calories, protein, carbohydrates, and fats within that food.  The app also calculates a total of these values per meal and calculates the total for each day.  The app also tracks other more specific useful nutritional values.  For example, fibre, sugar, salt, and various other vitamins and minerals.


They work by barcode recognition too, so you simply use your smartphone to scan the barcode on the packaging of the food!

If by chance a particular food isn’t found in your app’s database, then you have the option of adding this food yourself.  This process only takes a minute.


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If Eating at a Restaurant

If it is the case that you are eating out for a meal, no worries!  You’d be surprised how many restaurants now list the calorie content of their food.  Otherwise, a lot of these calorie counting apps have done the hard work for you!  Many apps have already got the calorie content of various restaurant meals saved in their database.  But if this isn’t the case, don’t panic.  Just estimate the food quantities of your restaurant meal as truthfully and accurately as possible.

Many apps have already got the calorie content of various restaurant meals saved in their database. But if this isn’t the case, don’t panic. Just estimate the food quantities of your…

Goal Setting

Calorie counting apps are helpful for goal setting, for you can enter and save your target daily calorie intake.  Then, as you enter foods into the app throughout the day, the app deducts these foods from your target calorie intake.  It gives you a running total of calories remaining as the day goes on.



You can also track your exercise on many calorie counting apps.  These give you an estimate of how many calories you have burned, so if applicable, how many “extra” calories you can eat and still hit your weight loss target.  I must point out though that I am skeptical of how accurate these burned calories estimates are on the apps!


If you found this post helpful, you may like to read my post on how to read food labels and calculate and track calories and macronutrients WITHOUT using a calorie counting app.

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