Egg White Pizza?

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Egg White Pizza – yes, you read that right!

Egg White Pizza is something a little different, let’s just say it’s another invention of mine lol!

egg white pizza


Right, so let me explain here!  I was looking for something interesting to do with egg whites, rather than just a regular omelette!  This is when I thought I’d try making myself a “pizza”, but using cooked egg whites as the base.  Make sense?  No, probably not lol.  Anyway, here is what I did…

Right, so let me explain here! I was looking for something interesting to do with egg whites, rather than just a regular omelette! This is when I thought I'd try making myself a pizza,…

How to make it

I took a packet of “cauliflower rice” and cooked this first.  If you are unsure what cauliflower rice is, it is basically ground cauliflower.  You could make this by bending up cauliflower yourself.  Or a lot of supermarkets sell it packaged as “cauliflower rice”, advertised as a low carb rice / couscous substitute.

I then blended up the cauliflower rice with egg whites, so they were all mixed nicely together.  I also added some herbs like basil and oregano, to give it more of a “pizza” taste.

Next I simply cooked the mixture in a frying pan (pre-greased lightly with low calorie cooking spray).  I flipped it half way, to make sure both sides were cooked.

Now comes the fun part.  I set the oven to gas mark 7 to warm up.  In the mean time, I removed the cooked “egg white pizza base” from the pan and placed it on a baking tray.  I then topped the egg white pizza with low-sugar salsa, to give that tomato taste without the calories.  I then placed slices of low-fat “protein cheese” over the egg white pizza base to cover the surface nicely!

Lastly I put the baking tray in the oven for just a few minutes until the cheese was nicely melted!

egg white pizza

And that is literally it!  I will be the first to admit that the egg whites “base” didn’t resemble the texture of an actual pizza AT ALL haha!

But taste-wise the egg white pizza, was definitely a success!  It really did have all the flavours you would get from a regular pizza!  I made mine pretty plain, but if you wanted to, there is no reason why you couldn’t add extra toppings too!


Nutrition wise, it is definitely high protein, very low carb, and (because of the low fat cheese I used) it’s low in fat too.

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