Cheesy Chicken Balls! Low Calorie, High Protein!

Chicken Balls!  These Cheesy Chicken Balls are High in Protein, Low in Calories!

Chicken balls are a favourite of mine!  These are made from low fat cheese and lean chicken mince.  Plus some of my favourite herbs and spices too!

Prep and cooking time comes to about 25 mins!  So easy!

See the chicken balls video below:

The batch I cooked up served 4 people (all of us strapping lads), so there should be plenty for all!

I used lean chicken mince and low fat cheese to make it a low fat (as well as a low carb) meal.  This brought the calorie count right down.  You could use regular full fat cheese if you wanted to.  This just means the calorie content will obviously be higher.


The nutritional break down of the chicken balls is as follows:

Whole Batch: 

Calories 1424kcal; Carbs 30g, Fat 14g, Protein 267g


Per Serving:

Calories 356kcal; Carbs 7.5g, Fat 3.5g, Protein 66.75g



The ingredients list is:

– 1kg Lean Chicken Mince

– 4 Egg Whites

– 65 Protein Cheese (grated)

– 60g Low Fat Garlic Soft Cheese Spread

– 100g Chopped Onion

– 2 tablespoons Shawarma mix


I served these with microwaved mixed vegetables, but if you wanted carbs too, you could always chop up some potatoes into fries and have those with them too.  Otherwise rice could be an option.  Also, I wouldn’t want to take away from the flavour of the cheesy chicken balls, but if you wanted, you could serve with sugar-free ketchup, with mustard, or even low-fat humous:

Chicken balls are a favourite of mine! These are made from low fat cheese and lean chicken mince. Plus some of my favourite herbs and spices too!…
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