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You can connect with me via social media (above – Dan Marashi – How I Stay Fit .com), or by all means you are welcome to drop me an email.  I am always happy to hear feedback, answer questions, or just say hi!  I always read every email, but I am not always able to respond to every single one, though I try!


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Additionally, if you have any ideas for blog topics you would like to me to write about, by all means throw them at me!  The whole point of the site is for me to write about stuff that you actually want to read!  So let me know what topics would be useful, helpful, or interesting!

My approach to nutrition can be summarised as:

Don't Diet

The Don’t-“Diet” Diet Protocol

Because my “diet” isn’t a diet at all. A “diet” is a temporary short term way of eating to force temporary unsustainable weight loss. My protocol implements an enjoyable way of eating for sustainable maintainable permanent results.