one goal at a time

One Goal at a Time!

“For 2019 I want to lose 50lbs of body fat, gain 50lbs of muscle, play competitive tennis, climb a mountain, and compete in a power lifting meet, all at the same time.” Who the F are you? Wolverine?! How are you going to recover from all of that training? Since it’s a new year and

The end of the “Bro Split”?

The “bro split” The “bro split”.  The typical “one body part per day” training schedule that maybe 99% of gym “bros” are following. I’d say that it is also what most professional bodybuilders are following too. However, while the “bro split” might be popular, it doesn’t mean it is therefore “the best” training routine for you to

Are you making your waist wider? This exercise could be a mistake!

Are you making your waist wider? Following on from my post about making your waist “smaller” by performing the “stomach vacuum” (if you missed it, see it HERE, let me now talk about a way that you might unintentionally be making your waist “bigger”!   As discussed previously, to train the Transversus Abdominus muscle,