Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes Protein Pancakes are something I actually thought I invented.  Until I checked online to find that others already had the idea before me!  These are a big favourite of mine.  At one point I even had my mum dieting on these to lose weight.  She loved them and commented how filling they are!

Egg White Pizza?

Egg White Pizza – yes, you read that right! Egg White Pizza is something a little different, let’s just say it’s another invention of mine lol!   Right, so let me explain here!  I was looking for something interesting to do with egg whites, rather than just a regular omelette!  This is when I thought

Protein Jelly Cake

Protein Jelly Cake Protein Jelly Cake is an idea I found online years ago.  I cannot for the life of me remember where I got the idea from.  Otherwise I would give them credit for it in this post! It is a really simple high protein, low calorie, sugar free, and almost carbohydrate free dessert!

Protein Ice Lollies

Protein Ice Lollies Protein Ice Lollies are an idea I came up with during a recent heat wave.  Such an easy and simple idea! I figured instead of using sugar-free squash to make ice lollies, like I normally would, why not just use whey protein! The video below shows how it’s done, but I don’t