Cross Trainer Day

Cross Trainer Day Cross Trainer Day – my least favourite kind of day at the gym!  It happens every so often.  Sometimes it won’t be for a few weeks.  Other times it will be a few times a week!  During really bad periods, it might be EVERY day of the week!  Yes, the dreaded cross

Protein Jelly Cake

Protein Jelly Cake Protein Jelly Cake is an idea I found online years ago.  I cannot for the life of me remember where I got the idea from.  Otherwise I would give them credit for it in this post! It is a really simple high protein, low calorie, sugar free, and almost carbohydrate free dessert! 

Fitness and misleading studies

Fitness and misleading studies – the problems with following scientific research in fitness Fitness and misleading studies.  Health and fitness is truly a passion of mine, and it has been for a long time.  For that reason, I have often enjoyed browsing through different fitness related research and studies.  I find it interesting and I

Protein Ice Lollies

Protein Ice Lollies Protein Ice Lollies are an idea I came up with during a recent heat wave.  Such an easy and simple idea! I figured instead of using sugar-free squash to make ice lollies, like I normally would, why not just use whey protein! The video below shows how it’s done, but I don’t