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That cool fit guy in the picture above is me, and this is my website.  I am Dan Marashi, a qualified personal trainer, a former competitive athlete, an enthusiast and forever a student of fitness!  Am I a guru, a know-it-all, or a wizard?  No.  But I am passionate about helping normal busy people lose fat and build muscle while still living a balanced life.

Because I know what it is like…

  • I know what it is like to have stressful work commitments and important family priorities.  Life in general feels overwhelming!
  • I’ve been there, where it is a struggle to fit everything in to your schedule.  Where you are so busy that your own health and fitness gets bumped further and further down the “to do list”.  Soon it disappears off the list completely!
  • You may very well have been in shape before at some point.  Or at least you tried to get in shape.  But what you were doing either becomes unsustainable, or life just gets in the way.
  • The clock is ticking, I’m getting older just like you are! I know that feeling of comparing your present self to your younger youthful glory.  Wondering if your best days of fitness are behind you?!  It never seemed this hard to get in shape when we were younger, did it?!
  • I can relate to that feeling of being unhappy with the way you look and feel.  You reach for comfort foods which only makes you look and feel worse!
  • It can be so frustrating and confusing to try and siphon through the unlimited “advice” on the internet.  Especially when half of the advice contradicts each other!
  • The desire is definitely there to lose a few lbs (or maybe more than a few).  You want to look and feel better, and to even get the admiration of others.  But I know the crippling feeling of paralysis in not knowing where to begin.
  • Most of us will fail to get in shape without even having started.  We decide that it’s just too confusing and too difficult, and we give up.

But it can be different…

But not this time!  This is where I want to help!  I want to help end your frustration and confusion, so you can:

  • Lose weight and keep it off!
  • You can know what it is you need to do to get in shape.  And you can know how to balance this with your other life commitments.
  • Weight loss doesn’t have to require intense will power, a lot of time, or too much work!
  • Make your own health and fitness a priority again and fit it in to your schedule, while still adhering to your other responsibilities.
  • Feel energised again, and realise that your best days are certainly not behind you, in fact they are still to come.
  • Be happy with the way you look, the way you feel, and regain your confidence.
  • You will no longer have to scour through the throngs of the internet in search of the “right fitness advice”. No more confusion.

Where I started…

It wasn’t long ago that I went through a period of confusion in to how to stay in shape.  Growing up, I was an ice hockey player.  My hockey training schedule was already set for me.  I didn’t have to think about or question anything, I just showed up for games and training sessions.  As for diet, it was kinda healthy I guess.  But I just ate whatever I was given.  Staying in shape “just happened” through my lifestyle at the time.  This continued up to my mid-twenties, when an injury forced me to early retirement.

Move onto 2009.  Not playing ice hockey anymore, and now working long hours.  Staying in shape was now no longer something that “just happened”.  I now had to put conscious effort into my lifestyle habits, and figure out what to do to “make staying in shape happen”.  During this transition period I was unhappy with the way my body was headed.  I fluctuated from being undesirably skinny to beginning to get “tubby”.

Dan Marashistay fit

I didn’t like how I looked or how I felt.  And I didn’t know what to do about it.  Like everyone else, I began searching the internet and reading fitness magazines for advice on staying in shape, and wow, did the confusion ever begin!  I felt confused and lost.

The good news…

The good news is that at this point my passion for fitness really kicked in.  I engaged on a journey of reading, learning, and self-experimenting of everything health and fitness, and that journey continues to this day.  Enrolling on a course to become a Personal Trainer, I began passing on my knowledge and experience to those who were equally as confused as I used to be.  Trialling numerous diet and exercise strategies on a path of discovery, I went on to compete competitively as a drug-free bodybuilder, before finding my love for boxing and martial arts.  In ways that were sustainable, manageable and NOT all time consuming, I figured out how to schedule exercise and activity into my busy life.  These were realistic and maintainable ways to keep to a healthy diet to lose fat and build muscle.

A struggle…

It wasn’t easy.  I made A LOT of mistakes.  It was difficult at first to get fit, but I found it even more difficult at times to STAY fit.  Many methods I trialled just weren’t realistic or sustainable.  Often the exercise routines I tried were too taxing or took up too much time.  And many of the diets I trialled were too restrictive, or left me too weak and depleted to function normally.  I also ran into problems like balancing exercise and heathy eating with my crazy work hours while I ran my own business, and these hours normally involved working late at night seven days a week.

I struggled to keep up my social relationships too – nobody wants to be a guy in great shape, with a great business, but with no friends.  At times my focus and patience were severely tested , but I persevered.  After much trial and error, and many many mistakes, I kept experimenting and modifying my methods until I finally found sustainable ways that worked with my busy lifestyle.  Eventually I found efficient and practical ways to get fit and to stay fit, while still having a life!

So now…

Now I am fit and healthy and I stay that way!  I have simplified the process!  My abs are visible year round.  I love training, but still keep to my work, family and social commitments.  I stick to an eating and training pattern that suits me, but still delivers awesome results.  It is not hard for me to stay fit – on the contrary, I feed off that momentum of initially getting in shape, to stay in shape!  I rarely switch between cutting and maintenance “phases” – I don’t really need to – this lifestyle has become my “normal”, and it is simply how I live!  That feeling of confusion, frustration and being overwhelmed about how to get in shape and stay in shape is a thing of the past!

Dan Marashi

If I want to train or exercise more (and if I have the time to do it), then great, I do it!  But “more exercise” is certainly not a must.  I’ve now figured out how little exercise really needs to be done to still see awesome results!

Now, I want to help you to get the same results.  The first step is simple – follow my website!  Read my blog!  Join me on my  fitness journey.

And if you are interested in some additional help, please check out my Online Coaching Services page.

My approach to nutrition can be summarised as:

The Don’t-“Diet” Diet ProtocolDon't Diet

Because my “diet” isn’t a diet at all. A “diet” is a temporary short term way of eating to force temporary unsustainable weight loss. My protocol implements an enjoyable way of eating for sustainable maintainable permanent results.

My goal is to give you the clarity, the knowledge, the empowerment, the focus, and the motivation to get you going immediately on your own fitness journey too.  You too can build a lean muscular physique and keep it!

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