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training during Ramadan

More Traps Training

I know, I know, I’ve already posted about Traps Training before, but here is MORE Traps Training! You can read my previous Traps post HERE. I guess I really like training traps! I think they are so cool, and contribute to a powerful awesome looking physique. If are following my Neck Training (Post HERE)and my

wide back

Training for a Wide Back

You want a wide back? Wings? An impressive back that is visible even when you are wearing a shirt? Then keep reading! As with the shoulders and traps, the back muscles are what gives your physique its “V taper”. Combined with a narrow waist (which is the result of a good diet to reduce body

thick neck

Training for a Thick Neck

I’ve spoken before about my thoughts on prioritising training body parts that are visible with or without a shirt on, and this includes training for a thick neck! I can talk about how neck training can be helpful for improving posture, and also for the injury prevention benefits it provides if you partake in collision

shoulder training

Wider Shoulders

It is my opinion that shoulder training should be a priority when training for an aesthetically pleasing physique. I’ve mentioned before that a wide set of shoulders are noticeable regardless of what clothes you are wearing! These are some of the exercises I like to perform as part of my shoulder training, with a main