Dan’s Fear of Failure Rant

Dan’s Fear of Failure Rant – random thoughts from the kitchen! Too many people waste their potential in life… a deep topic here!   Clearly this dieting is taking it’s toll right now haha! It’s true though.  It absolutely kills me how many people I see waste their potential.   This isn’t limited to fitness!

Operation Get Dan Diced Week 4 Update

Operation Get Dan Diced Week 4 Update 4 weeks now complete of Operation Get Dan Diced – 2 weeks to go! It’s getting hard now!   Week 4 Progress Pics   2 weeks to go – weight has stayed roughly the same My morning body weight was an average of 76.9kg this week.  Last week’s


Intro Digestion is a huge but often forgotten part of weight loss and muscle gain! This is a topic I am fairly well experienced in, due to my own digestive issues.  My family has a history of having a “sensitive stomach”. It clearly must be hereditary.  Having an upset stomach is not fun.  Especially when eating